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We've set a new record! There were more spectators at our last match of the season than ever before.
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Types of matches

Test, first-class, one-day or Twenty20

There are several different types of cricket match.

Here are the most important facts:

  • Test cricket matches are international games between two national teams. They are five days long. Each day consists of about three phases of approximately two hours. Usually, national teams play series consisting of several tests. This means that competitions can easily go on for weeks.

  • First-class cricket is test cricket on a national level. The matches between professional teams usually last three to four days.

  • One-day cricket is a type of cricket thats been optimized for TV broadcasting. In these matches, an innings concludes after a fixed number of overs. Every four years theres a World Cup played in one-day mode.

  • Twenty20 is even more modern. In this type of cricket, the matches are reduced to 20 overs. The maximum length per innings is 75 minutes.